Genestack, a major partner for various pharma and consumer goods companies focuses on taking away the pain of multi-omics data management. Our open platform and analysis tools provide an ecosystem that allows for easy access to all of the public or proprietary data that a researcher would need. Loaded, indexed, searchable and ready for knowledge extraction.

Our main goal is to make the life of people who do bioinformatics simpler.

Dr. Misha Kapushesky, CEO of Genestack

Data Management

Store, curate, manage and browse your genomics data and metadata. Explore the findings and gain valuable insights.

Tools and Pipelines

Analyse your data using a wide range of customisable tools and pipelines for processing WGS, WES, RNA-seq, microarray data and more.?

Visual Analytics

Use the full suite of interactive visual applications to interpret your results or instantly filter them to find the desired data.

Multiple User Types

Genestack platform lowers the entry barrier to bioinformatics. Users of the platform can go from data to results without ever needing to write code.


Enjoy Genestack’s flexibility and integrate the platform with your currently used systems, such as LIMS or third-party upstream data analysis platform.


Our platform enables compliance with various regulatory standards, with data being processed and stored in the leading cloud provider.

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